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Spend a lot of time and resources on candidate selection?

What will your team achieve with MySI?



Quick selection of candidates that meet your needs



Reduction of financial costs for the search for specialists



Objective ranking and screening of irrelevant candidates.

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Less stress

Freeing up time for strategic tasks and improving the atmosphere in your team.

What is the traditional selection process like?

  • Collect the resumes
  • Review and familiarize with each resume
  • Reject the irrelevant candidates
  • Show resume of relevant candidates to the hiring specialist
  • Ask the candidates by clarifying additional questions
  • Conduct a preliminary interview with the candidate and ask standard questions. The candidate answered correctly since they are accustomed to typical questions
  • The candidate comes to the technical interview with the specialist but does not pass it - everyone loses time
  • Start once again from the beginning with another candidate
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How the smart process looks like with MySI?

  • Recruiter communicates only with relevant candidates
  • Recruiter makes an offer to the most suitable candidate

How it works

MySI is an intelligent system that automates and optimizes the hiring process

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Collection of information

Collects all necessary information about the candidate, including additional questions

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The system ranks candidates based on the relevance of their experience to job requirements.

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Skills Assessment

The system performs an automated evaluation skills of relevant candidates, ensuring objective selection.

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Selection of the best

MySI offers the best candidates

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Home tasks

Automatic sending of home tasks that allow you to more accurately reveal the candidate's professional skills

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Why use MySI?


Benefits you will enjoy

Smart Vacancy

Vacancies with automated collection of information about candidates clarifying the additional questions

AI resume analysis

Automated resume parsing and analysis with auto-calculation of experience in certain skills, etc.

Automated Ranking

Auto evaluation and ranking of candidates according to the key criteria

Personalized Rejection

To ensure that every candidate receives constructive and specific feedback

Personalized Quizzes

Auto calibrated individual questions and tests depending on individual's knowledge

Home Tasks

Automated framework for home task challenges, which simplifies the full process of tasks management

Automated Search Pool

A tool that automatically cherry picks the best candidates

Personalized Scorecard

Auto creation of scorecard, interview questions and tasks, based on individual knowledge and expertise

Next-Gen Hiring Teams

Advanced hiring teams including the collaboration between individuals, teams and departments

Automated Tracking Process

Automated and flexible tracking of recruitment stages, which allows you to effectively manage the process

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